Pamphlet by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Pamphlet

The creative mind behind the awarded work Pamphlet by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, This pamphlet was developed for a short-term use to take preorders before releasing Eclipse Cross in the market. With this reason, this pamphlet had low production <Cropped>

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Jenifer Blanco Monzón's Be Like Lettering Project

Jenifer Blanco Monzón Exhibits The Be Like Lettering Project

Jenifer Blanco Monzón, the creator of the awarded project Lettering project by Jenifer Blanco Monzón spells out, This project was born from the need to create something eye-catching and colourful, but at the same time that communicates a strong <Cropped>

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Spoosh-washer by Zahra Ebadi, Maryam Zinati, Yusef H.m.zade

Zahra Ebadi, Maryam Zinati, Yusef H.m.zade Spotlights The Spoosh Washer

Zahra Ebadi,Maryam Zinati,Yusef h.m.zade, the architect of the awarded project washer by Zahra Ebadi,Maryam Zinati,Yusef h.m.zade spells out, This machine is used for washing the small dishes such as spoons, forks and knives and smaller stuff. This d <Cropped>

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2020 Typography Competition

Our Juried Competition Celebrates The Best Use of Typography as The Primary Visual Element in Design and Advertising, Plus New Typeface Designs, Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

Our juried competition celebrates the best use of typography as the primary visual element in design and advertising, plus new typeface designs, calligraphy and hand lettering. .

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Riversong Tradition Acoustic Guitars-Adjustable Acoustic Guitar by Mike Miltimore

Mike Miltimore Designs The Riversong Tradition Acoustic Guitars Adjustable Acoustic Guitar

Mike Miltimore, the project leader of the highlighted work Adjustable Acoustic Guitar:Riversong Tradition Acoustic Guitars by Mike Miltimore illustrates, "A more resonant and structurally stronger guitar", was Mike Miltimore’s goal and al <Cropped>

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Award Winning Baby Blendy Baby Bottle

Osmay Gonzalez and Omar Gonzalez Presents The Baby Blendy Baby Bottle

Osmay Gonzalez and Omar Gonzalez, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Baby Bottle:Baby Blendy by Osmay Gonzalez and Omar Gonzalez says, This bottle is a safe and effective portable system that uses rechargeable batteries to blend your child <Cropped>

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Ds8100 Series-Handheld Imager by Mark Fountain

Mark Fountain Illustrates The Ds8100 Series Handheld Imager

Mark Fountain , the author of the displayed work Mark Fountain 's DS8100 Series Handheld Imager spells out, The DS8100 series hand-held scanner is designed for retail and warehouse use. It’s clean lines and light and dark colourways fit seamle <Cropped>

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Award Winning Suitable Multifunctional Form

Sui Park Exhibits The Suitable Multifunctional Form

Sui Park, the architect of the awarded design Sui Park's SuiTable Multifunctional form demonstrates, The 'SuiTable' features a sustainable organic and dynamic form. I applied basketry patterns and techniques as units or modules to syst <Cropped>

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Bookend-Book Organizer by Tong Jin (tj) Kim

Tong Jin (tj) Kim Portrays The Bookend Book Organizer

Tong Jin (TJ) Kim, the lead designer of the awarded project Award Winning BooKend Book organizer spells out, BooKend is about finding new ways to design and develop artistic yet functional objects using the latest technology tools. The BooKend is a <Cropped>

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Cinema:trimensional Space by Cm Jao and Ken Cheung

Cm Jao and Ken Cheung Exhibits The Trimensional Space Cinema

CM Jao and Ken Cheung, the architect of the award winning project Cinema by CM Jao and Ken Cheung spells out, Worlds that movies created can be sometimes beyond reality. A kind of beauty that challenges boundaries, mystical objects or creatures that <Cropped>

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