Rockwell Group's Ember Restaurant

Rockwell Group Discloses The Ember Restaurant

Rockwell Group, the architect of the highlighted project Award Winning Ember Restaurant demonstrates, At Ember, classic materials such as black and white tiles, copper, blackened metal, and wood bring the elegance of traditional urban steakhouses to <Cropped>

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Robin Greene 's Life's a Gamble Art Installation

Robin Greene Designs The Life's a Gamble Art Installation

Robin Greene , the author of the highlighted project Art Installation by Robin Greene says, This bespoke artwork, commissioned by Richmond International for The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas, needed to fuse several concepts. The hedonistic aspect of <Cropped>

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Award Winning Timeless "black and White" Collection

Arosha Rosenberger Illustrates The Timeless "black and White" Collection

Arosha Rosenberger, the creative mind behind the displayed project Timeless "Black and White" - Collection by Arosha Rosenberger illustrates, The exclusive fashion label "Tuschimo" with the designer Arosha Rosenberger focuses not <Cropped>

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Manos Siganos's Prolat Paints Paint Color Packages

Manos Siganos Demonstrates The Prolat Paints Paint Color Packages

Manos Siganos, the creative mind behind the awarded work Paint Color Packages by Manos Siganos demonstrates, These are the packages of a new line of wall paints by PROLAT four different containers for four colors that belong to the same product famil <Cropped>

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Residential:fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion by Kot Ge-Lsd Casa

Kot Ge-Lsd Casa Shares The Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion Residential

Kot Ge - LSD Casa, the author of the award winning design Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion by Kot Ge - LSD Casa illustrates, Life is an extension of your character. Your house will display itself an air similar to the type of person you belong to. Afte <Cropped>

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High Fashion and Luxury Packaging by Theresa Lambrecht-Lambrechtdesign

Theresa Lambrecht-Lambrechtdesign Discloses The Diamonds Are Forever High Fashion and Luxury Packaging

Theresa Lambrecht - Lambrechtdesign, the maker of the awarded work High fashion and luxury packaging by Theresa Lambrecht - Lambrechtdesign illustrates, High luxury packaging for Diamond Cosmetic - cream with real diamond dust. The surface structure <Cropped>

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Handle by Lorenzo Susini

Lorenzo Susini Discloses The Pop Gum Handle

Lorenzo Susini, the author of the displayed project Lorenzo Susini's Pop Gum Handle explicates, POP GUM handle has a soft plastic cover and, with its smooth finish, is pleasing to the touch, cheerful and customizable. The cover is available in s <Cropped>

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Hospital Space:darwin by Nic Lee

Nic Lee Illustrates The Darwin Hospital Space

Nic Lee, the designer of the highlighted design Darwin - Hospital space by Nic Lee says, This project is for a cosmetic surgery clinic located in a commercial building in downtown Taipei.Human artistry is to modification of countenance created by God <Cropped>

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Aragogue-Luminaire by Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira

Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira Illustrates The Aragogue Luminaire

Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira, the designer of the awarded design Aragogue by Romulo Teixeira and Cintia Miyahira says, This is a unique luminaire. The design is totally asymmetric. It was made of stainless steel material. This piece was design <Cropped>

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Packaging:packaging Omdesign 2015 by Omdesign

Omdesign Spotlights The Packaging Omdesign 2015 Packaging

Omdesign, the creative mind behind the awarded project Packaging by Omdesign demonstrates, Since its foundation in 1998, Omdesign has offered customised and limited editions to its partners and clients as a Christmas gift. Every year, a beverage is c <Cropped>

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