Lan Zhang's The Hidden Path Posters

Lan Zhang Portrays The The Hidden Path Posters

Lan Zhang, the maker of the awarded project Posters by Lan Zhang demonstrates, This project seeks to provide a more secular, accessible and contemporary transitional medium of Tibetan Buddhist art. These posters serve as imagery interpretation, which <Cropped>

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Yasemin Ulukan & Senur Design Center's Terra Vacuum Cleaner

Yasemin Ulukan & Senur Design Center Exhibits The Terra Vacuum Cleaner

Yasemin Ulukan & Senur Design Center, the lead designer of the displayed project Vacuum Cleaner:Terra by Yasemin Ulukan & Senur Design Center explains, All buttons designed on Terra give the impression of pedals so that the user can immediate <Cropped>

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Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin

Travis Baldwin Shares The Argus Biometric Camera

Travis Baldwin, the architect of the highlighted work Argus - Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin explicates, Argos was created as a low cost alternative to more expensive biometric solutions or staffed checkpoints. It's made for locations where <Cropped>

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F.guarrasi, M.antonetti, G.silvestrini's Quick Cordless Iron

F.guarrasi, M.antonetti, G.silvestrini Portrays The Quick Cordless Iron

F.Guarrasi, M.Antonetti, G.Silvestrini, the designer of the highlighted project Quick - Cordless Iron by F.Guarrasi, M.Antonetti, G.Silvestrini explains, Quick is a cordless iron which can be quickly set up to be used, designed for those who iron ver <Cropped>

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Lab.12 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Artworks in An Art Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks in an art gallery in milan (italy) and much more..

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Geoluxe's Geoluxe Countertop Material

Geoluxe Designs The Geoluxe Countertop Material

Geoluxe, the lead designer of the displayed project Geoluxe's Geoluxe Countertop material points out, Geoluxe offers the ultimate combination of elegance and performance for the kitchen and bath industry, remaining true to the prestige and stunn <Cropped>

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Andreu Carullla-Iberital's Iberital Vision Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

Andreu Carullla-Iberital Designs The Iberital Vision Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

Andreu Carullla - Iberital, the maker of the award winning work Professional Espresso Coffee Machine:Iberital Vision by Andreu Carullla - Iberital illustrates, Iberital Vision sets a new standard in professional espresso coffee machines. Its brutalis <Cropped>

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Beagle Ship by Alisson Rochinski

Alisson Rochinski Presents The Beagle Ship Website

Alisson Rochinski, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Alisson Rochinski's Beagle Ship Website illustrates, The project was from the beginning designed to have a differential in design and that represented the main value of the compa <Cropped>

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Logo:n&e Audio Logo Design by Wai Ching Chan

Wai Ching Chan Spotlights The N&e Audio Logo Design Logo

Wai Ching Chan, the maker of the highlighted design Logo by Wai Ching Chan explicates, During the process of re-design N&E logo, N, E represents the name of founders Nelson and Edison. So, she integrated the characters of N, E and sound waveform <Cropped>

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Art Apartment:out of Frame by Cheng Hsuan Huang

Cheng Hsuan Huang Presents The Out of Frame Art Apartment

Cheng Hsuan Huang, the architect of the highlighted work Cheng Hsuan Huang's Out Of Frame Art Apartment demonstrates, To integrate the client’s art collection into their daily life, to bring out the distinctive personal taste of their life sty <Cropped>

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