Universally-Comfortable Pillow by Jeff Chapin and Carly Price

Jeff Chapin and Carly Price Illustrates The Casper Pillow Universally-Comfortable Pillow

Jeff Chapin and Carly Price, the project leader of the highlighted work Universally-comfortable Pillow by Jeff Chapin and Carly Price explains, Casper's pillow is designed for every sleeper. After undergoing extensive research, Casper's <Cropped>

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Award Winning Birds of Steel Multifunctional Panel

Malcolm White Shows The Birds of Steel Multifunctional Panel

Malcolm White, the project leader of the awarded project Birds of Steel by Malcolm White explains, Birds of Steel is a combination of cut out lines and shapes linked together by one another to create scenes that represents movement, energy and discov <Cropped>

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Cabinet:corona by Jo Zhu-Suyab Design

Jo Zhu-Suyab Design Creates The Corona Cabinet

Jo Zhu - Suyab Design, the maker of the highlighted work Cabinet by Jo Zhu - Suyab Design illustrates, The Corona is a hybrid. It is like a block of granite at the beginning visual contact, meanwhile, it is still artificial because of its stainless <Cropped>

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Font Application Image Design by Chia-Hui Lien

Chia-Hui Lien Reveals The 24 Solar Terms Font Application Image Design

Chia-Hui Lien, the thinktank behind the highlighted project 24 Solar Terms - Font Application Image Design by Chia-Hui Lien illustrates, The Chinese farmer's almanac recorded climate patterns based on seasonal changes. Every rotation, turn and p <Cropped>

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Office:mount Hermon by Zheng Xi Pang and Yun Ting Wu

Zheng Xi Pang and Yun Ting Wu Illustrates The Mount Hermon Office

Zheng Xi Pang and Yun Ting Wu, the thinktank behind the awarded design Office by Zheng Xi Pang and Yun Ting Wu explicates, Our client is an advertisement company. Frequently needed to create new ideas in a short time. Through a relatively stable colo <Cropped>

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2019 Acc Design Contest

The Contest Is Aimed At Promoting The Diversity of The Acc’s Cultural Merchandise. The Acc Seeks to Offer Exciting Experiences to All Participants and Grant Them Opportunities to Showcase Their Artistic and Creative Prowess Aligned With Their Interest I

The contest is aimed at promoting the diversity of the acc’s cultural merchandise. the acc seeks to offer exciting experiences to all participants and grant them opportunities to showcase their artistic and creative prowess aligned with their inter <Cropped>

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Doha Private Villas by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Creates The Doha Private Villas Villas

Mz Architects, the designer of the awarded project Villas by Mz Architects says, MZ Architects was appointed by a private Qatari client to design a family residential compound in Doha, Qatar. The proposed conceptual volume reflected the client's <Cropped>

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Arch by Yumiko Yoshikawa

Yumiko Yoshikawa Shows The Arch Ring

Yumiko Yoshikawa, the designer of the displayed project Award Winning Arch Ring demonstrates, The designer receives inspiration from the shape of arch structures and rainbow. Two motifs – an arch shape and a drop shape, are combined to create a sin <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Tu Pochun and Wang Chihyun

Tu Pochun and Wang Chihyun Presents The World Union Interior Design

Tu Pochun and Wang Chihyun, the creator of the award winning project World Union by Tu Pochun and Wang Chihyun points out, This color scheme also implies World Union Fortune treats their partners with the open state: coexistence and win-win, proudly <Cropped>

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Gemdale The One-Residential by Kot Ge-Lsdcasa

Kot Ge-Lsdcasa Discloses The Gemdale The One Residential

Kot Ge - LSDCASA, the creative mind behind the displayed design Residential:Gemdale The One by Kot Ge - LSDCASA explains, LSDCASA try to return to the most essential thinking of design, and respond to the original will of living with ordinary life an <Cropped>

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